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Indian Ocean liveRahul & Sushmit Indian Ocean Live @ ChicagoIndian Ocean LiveIndian Ocean liveSushmit Sen ~ Indian OceanHimanshu Joshi ~ Vocals
Hille ReMa RewaRahul...flickeringJugalbandi (Sushmit, Rahul & Himanshu )Amit Kilam ~ DrumsIndian Ocean Live
Rahul Ram ~ Bass Guitar / VocalsRahul Ram ~ Bass Guitar / VocalsIndian Ocean Live

Via Flickr:
Indian Ocean is an Indian rock band, considered to be the pioneer of the fusion rock genre India. Band members Susmit Sen (guitar, vocals), Rahul Ram (bass, vocals), Amit Kilam (drums, gabgubi, recorder, other percussions), Himanshu Joshi (vocals), and Tuheen Chakravorty (percussion), and (late) Asheem Chakravarty have collaborated on the albums Indian Ocean, Desert Rain, Kandisa, Jhini, Black Friday,16/330 Khajoor Road as well as composing the soundtrack for the highly acclaimed Bollywood film Peepli Live.

The band’s unique sound of contemporary rock mixed with classical, jazz and fusion has earned them a cult following. Themes of Indian Ocean’s songs are related to sufism, shlokas, environmentalism, and mythology.


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