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Nandyavrata MahalNandyavrat MahalStart of the day..Nandyavrat MahalNandyavrat Mahal ~ KundalpurKundalpur Temple
Kundalpur TempleKundalpur TempleKundalpur TempleKundalpur TempleKundalpur TempleKundalpur Temple
Kundalpur TempleKundalpur TempleMahavir TempleOn the moveबुरी नज़र वाले तेरा मुँह कालाLove & Affection
Nandyavrata MahalNandyavrata MahalNandyavrata MahalNandyavrata MahalNandyavrata MahalNandyavrata Mahal

Kundalpur(Sanskrit: कुण्‍डलपुर) is a historical site in India. It is located in central Bihar, 1.6 km from the ruins of Nalanda. The Digambar sect of the Jains believes that Kundalpur in Bihar is the birthplace of the 24th and last Tirthankar, Lord Mahavira. A new temples and Nandyavrat Mahal was built under the Ashirwad of Aryika Gyanmati Mataji. Digambar, also spelt Digambara is one of the two main sects of Jainism, the other being Svetambar.

It is said that Lord Mahavir, the Jain Tirthankar was born here about 2,550 years ago. Lord Mahavira is said to have spent the first 22 years of his life at Kundalpur.

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